Expert Advisory Committee

The Expert Advisory Committee provides overall support to the Executive Director in the development and implementation of effective business plans for the Centre. The Committee is comprised of individuals—not organizations—with specific expertise and experience in the scholarship or practice of public involvement.

Members of the Expert Advisory Committee

Jacquie Dale
Partner, Founding President-CEO, One World Inc.

Edna Einsiedel, PhD
Professor, University of Calgary

Hoi Kong, JSD
Associate Professor, McGill University

Edd LeSage, PhD
Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

Daryl McCartney, PhD
Executive Manager, Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence
Professor, University of Alberta

Cory Segin
Program Manager, Corporate Communications, City of Edmonton

Amelia Shaw
Consultant, Amelia Shaw Consulting
Former Interim International Executive Director, IAP2
Former President, IAP2 Canada

Joyce Tustian
Consultant, Western Management Consultants

Mark Warren, PhD
Harold and Dorrie Merilees Chair in the Study of Democracy
Professor, University of British Columbia

Jared Wesley, PhD
Director of Federal/Provincial Relations, Government of Alberta
Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta
Adjunct Professor, University of Manitoba