Partnership Opportunities

Welcome to the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI), a unique centre of excellence to advance the practice and scholarship of public engagement.

The Centre’s work spans across disciplines and cities, striving to strengthen local and global networks of scholars, practitioners, consultants and citizens. We are continually building new partnerships to cultivate exciting projects, generate knowledge and feedback, and develop creative solutions to the complex issues of our time. Our research is in demand by diverse institutions and organizations around the world.

We invite you to consider and explore the different ways we can collaborate and build mutually-beneficial relationships that enable us to deepen our individual and collective work.


* Join CPI’s exciting network of Canadian expert advisors and innovators who are leading the way in the practice and scholarship of engagement.

The CPI expert advisory panel connects and fosters relationships between scholars, practitioners, municipalities, post-secondary institutions and community-based organizations. We invite you to join our expert panel, connect with innovators, and help CPI advance best-practices in research deliberation and knowledge dissemination.


* Partner with us on timely and dynamic research initiatives that are generating knowledge and best-practices to inform policy and programming.

CPI works with diverse research partners within the City of Edmonton, the Government of Alberta, and community-based organizations. Whether you’re aiming to undertake research, or gather new evidence about engagement, CPI welcomes your ideas for creative collaboration.


* Access relevant educational tools for designing engagement processes.

CPI supports scholars, organizations and institutions by providing access to a wealth of online educational materials, resources and tools for building capacity and expanding your public engagement work. We invite you to partner with us to design processes unique and necessary to achieving success in public engagement.


* Support the development of key research areas in practice and scholarship of engagement, particularly in the context of municipalities and city-regions.

CPI annually recruits Senior Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Scholars to connect faculties and develop interdisciplinary research teams that will advance the theory and practice of public engagement.


* Participate in unique community-based research that is based on learning discovery and experiential engagement.

CPI provides unique opportunities for researchers at both a graduate and undergraduate level to directly learn about the theory and practice of engagement through research assistantship.


* Partner with us to expand your institutional capacity in public engagement.

CPI was founded by the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta. Their annual contributions have built a centre of excellence to grow new ideas, new research evidence, and innovative projects.

We look forward to future potential partnerships and creative collaborations.