Exploring the Art of Urban Design, Planning and Participation

The city is the classroom.

It’s the key theme behind The Art of Cities, a workshop for Canadian community-university teams to come together May 25-27, 2015 to envision opportunities for urban design and development, and to find new ways to engage students in the creative process of re-imagining solutions to sustainability issues.

The City of Edmonton was one of eight cities selected to attend the Vancouver-based workshop, and will involve a diverse team of urban stakeholders, including Fiona Cavanagh and Zane Hamm with the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI), University of Alberta; Jeff Chase with the City of Edmonton CITYlab, and Julia Dalman, a graduate student in Education Policy Studies at the University of Alberta, invited by CPI.

“I am thrilled to be attending the workshop and to learn about the CityStudio model so that we can develop a made in Edmonton version,” says Fiona Cavanagh, Executive Director of CPI.

CPI is a unique partnership between the City of Edmonton and the Faculty of Extension that aims to study innovative practices for citizen engagement and deliberation in decision making.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with our colleagues at CITYlab to create a model for experiential learning and developing projects on place making, democracy and participatory research,” Cavanagh says.

Jeff Chase is a senior city planner with CITYlab, which is a unit within Sustainable Development that strives to support small urban planning projects and activities that spark public conversation.

“This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues, community builders, and city-thinkers from across Canada,” says Chase.
“It will be great to learn from the Vancouver (and other city’s) models, and to share some of the successes we’re having here in Edmonton. It will be great to share this experience with our friends at CPI so that we can look forward to new opportunities here in Edmonton.”

The Art of Cities is organized by CityStudio, an innovation hub working within Vancouver’s City Hall to connect students and young leaders with city professionals on urban design, project development and implementation, and decision making.

The Art of Cities is welcoming community-university teams from Brantford, Calgary, Hamilton, Surrey, Toronto, Waterloo and Winnipeg.

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