Webinar: Connecting Research and Practice

Adapted from IAP2 USA: www.iap2usa.org/webinars#November2015

As the field of public participation evolves, taking academic research and “lessons learned” and putting that knowledge into practice becomes increasingly important. In November we heard from two leaders on combining the two disciplines.

Fiona Cavanagh, Executive Director of the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI). CPI is a partnership between the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta conducting research work in a number of fields, particularly engagement at the civic level, and sees those theories put into practice.

And Stephanie Brooks, Public Outreach specialist at Michael Baker International and a member of the U.S. Transportation Research Board’s Standing Committee on Public Involvement in Transportation (ADA60). The Committee works to enhance the understanding and practice of public involvement as an art and science in transportation policy. Stephanie shared how the Committee takes research and turns it into practical applications in the field of public transportation.

The Centre for Public Involvement and the Subcommittee of the US Transportation Research Board have been working to marry research and practice.

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