Resources for the different venues where public involvement takes place.

Municipal planning

For municipal planners, there are a particularly complex set of issues around citizen involvement. Despite these challenges, the growing understanding of the essential role that citizens play in the identification of community goals, desires and priorities has led to the development of projects, programs and resources that seek to find a balance between many competing interests and values and create authentic, effective public engagement in the municipal planning process.


Citizens are increasingly concerned that the institutions that affect them are often out of touch with their values and interests. Governments are also beginning to recognize that decisions pertaining to issues like health care would benefit from incorporating public input. As a result, there has been a growing call for, and subsequent response to, improving public involvement in healthcare issues.


Environmental issues have long been one of the foremost areas for public deliberation, where it has become internationally recognized as essential.


Initiatives are underway around the world to promote greater public involvement at all levels of decision-making. Practitioners, researchers and citizens are working to deal with the diverse and unique challenges that face communities and governments.