Our Work

As a community-university partnership, CPI seeks to ground its work in scholarship that identifies and addresses concerns, problems, and opportunities related to public involvement, in partnership with citizens, municipal administrators, and elected representatives. CPI is a research institute that has been established by combining the capacities of a research-intensive university with the “living laboratory” of a municipal government for the purpose of improving knowledge and practice in the area of public involvement.

Researchers and practitioners from across Canada and beyond are engaged in pursuing CPI’s goals of advancing knowledge of public involvement and understanding the contributions that innovations in public involvement can make to better decision making, especially in municipal contexts. CPI’s research program addresses broad questions such as:

  • What is the influence of public-involvement activities on public policy?
  • In what ways do public-involvement activities encourage citizens to become more engaged in decisions that affect them?
  • How do relationships between citizens, municipal administrators, and elected representatives, change following public-involvement activities?

The Centre for Public Involvement is more than academics, technocrats, and bureaucrats – it is community-based research or a “living lab”— where collaboration leads to better results. The Centre contributes to public involvement through theory, policy, and practice, influencing the state of the field through the provision of the following core services:

  • Research and Applied Learning
  • Knowledge Mobilization
  • Process Design and Impact Assessment
  • Education and Training
  • Project Management
  • Partnership Development

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