Our Projects

Transportation & Public Engagement Study CPI is working with Transportation Services to develop recommendations that will shape long-term planning and excellence in public engagement within the department. The study employed…read more here

Strengthening Civic Engagement in partnership with the City of Edmonton Council Initiative on Public Engagement, researchers from CPI collaborated with City staff to examine the practices, cultures and structures to support excellence in engagement. This report builds on…read more here

Citizen Planning Circle: Effective Use of Rural Broadband In April, 2014, thirteen residents of Olds, Alberta from diverse incomes, ages, backgrounds and experiences came together to participate in a Citizen Planning Circle (Planning Circle) to provide their input as citizens about the future of broadband internet for their community. The Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) designed the Planning Circle to provide an intentional opportunity for residents to deliberate about…read more here

Civic Spaces Pilot Project The Centre for Public Involvement is partnered with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition on a pilot project designed to support the civic and political engagement of immigrants and refugees in Edmonton….read more here

Citizens’ Jury on Internet VotingThe Edmonton Citizens Jury on Internet Voting 2012 brought together 17 citizen participants who met for 20 hours on the weekend of 23 to 25 November 2012 to consider and provide a verdict on the following question on behalf of all citizens of Edmonton: “Should the City of Edmonton adopt Internet voting as an option for future general elections?”…read more here

Edmonton’s Panel on Energy & Climate Challenges The members of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges represent Edmonton’s diversity in ages, incomes, backgrounds, wards, experiences, and views on energy and the environment. They came together…read more here

Food & Agriculture Project The City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta are formed a Citizen Panel to look at food and agriculture issues for Edmonton. The purpose of the Panel was to have citizens learn about, discuss and recommend to City Council about how people in Edmonton produce, distribute, and consume food…read more here