Edmonton's Citizens' Panel on Energy and Climate Challenges

From October 13 to December 1, 2012, 56 diverse Edmontonians participated in a Citizens’ Panel to learn about climate change and energy vulnerability from balanced materials and presentations by experts. The Panelists worked together over six day-long sessions, and developed a final report with their recommendations for the City of Edmonton.

The members of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges represent Edmonton’s diversity in ages, incomes, backgrounds, wards, experiences, and views on energy and the environment. They came together at the invitation of the City to make recommendations to Administration and Council, with the City’s commitment that they will seriously consider their recommendations in developing an energy transition plan. The panel met for a total of 42 hours over six Saturdays between October 13 and December 1, 2012. This innovative public involvement process was convened by the City of Edmonton’s Office of Environment in partnership with Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) and the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI).

Learn more about the process and read citizen recommendations.

Watch the video on this innovative Citizen Process