Transportation & Public Involvement Study

The City of Edmonton’s Transportation Services Branch (Transportation Services) is one of the city’s largest departments with a staff of 3,300 people and a broad portfolio—which includes bike lanes, LRT lines and roads. The projects that Transportation Services are responsible for are complex, technical, and have long-term implications. Transportation is a field that directly impacts the lives of all Edmontonians. The magnitude of the portfolio coupled with the impact of transportation decisions on citizens offers Transportation Services both a challenge and an opportunity: to meaningfully engage citizens in the development of a well-designed and sustainable transportation system.

Transportation Services recognizes that excellence in engagement is critical to effective transportation planning. A joint research project was launched in late 2013 with CPI to conduct an internal review across all branches of the department.

CPI is working with Transportation Services to develop recommendations that will shape long-term planning and excellence in public engagement within the department. The study employed various research methods (survey, interviews, literature review, and case studies) and was conducted by an interdisciplinary research team of faculty and graduate students from the University of Alberta. The team collected data, analyzed results and compiled a report that consisted of ten challenges and corresponding recommendation for the department to consider. The study and the final report were guided by an Advisory Committee consisting of a councillor, community representatives, City of Edmonton and City of Calgary administrators, and public engagement specialists.

The a multi-year internal study of the Department of Transportation Services culminated in a Report completed in March, 2015.

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