Our Publications

The centre continuously produces reports, guides and journal articles to support and advocate for public engagement. Some of these reports reflect internal operations, such as our annual report, while others explore specific issues based on project work. Our research focus has led to a number of published articles which contribute to literature in the field. Through our publications you can get a sense of the scope of work that the centre undertakes.

Annual Reports:



Project Reports:

Transportation & Public Involvement Study

Citizen Planning Circle: Effective Use of Broadband Internet

2012 Citizens’ Jury on Internet Voting

Edmonton’s Citizens’ Panel on Energy and Climate Challenges

Report on Citizen Panel Process & Recommendation

Civic Spaces: Citizen Planning Circle Summary Document


Strengthening Civic Infrastructure

Political and Civic Involvement of Youth

Citizen Planning Circle on Rural Broadband: Discussion Guide

Citizens’ Handbook: An Overview of Energy & Climate Issues

Journal Articles:

A New Participatory Policy Model: The Edmonton Citizens’ Jury on Internet Voting