Our Reach

The Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) advocates for meaningful inclusion of citizens in decisions at all levels and across all sectors of society. The centre takes a multifaceted approach to its work including building a network of academics and practitioners, introducing public involvement to a range of issues, sharing learnings and working with individuals and organizations to incorporate public involvement in their processes.

CPI’s reach extends across departments, municipalities, provinces and around the world through partnerships and networks. Take a look at our Annual Reports to explore the scope of issues and CPI’s partnerships. Find out more about collaborating with CPI here.

History of Partnership

In 2009, the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension partnered to establish The Centre for Public Involvement (CPI). The partnership grew from the common desire to test and evaluate public involvement practices and create new research on the topic of citizen participation. The initial project undertaken by this partnership was the Citizen Panel on the Budget; it was the first citizen deliberation project of its kind in Edmonton. The success of the first project created momentum for new engagement projects and strengthened CPI’s role as a centre for excellence in public involvement.

Numerous organizations have collaborated with CPI on a wide range of issues. These partners include Alberta Climate Dialogues, Edmonton’s Federation of Community Leagues, Alberta’s department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Next Gen, The Edmonton Multicultural Coalition and many City departments. In each of these partnerships, CPI contributes its research expertise and engagement experience to gather evidence on public involvement.

Partnership remains a crucial aspect of CPI’s work. Collaboration with various individuals and organizations brings a large pool of expertise and knowledge to CPI and creates opportunities to explore public involvement on a wide range of issues. Partnerships have included university researchers, students, public servants, decision-makers, industries, community organizations and citizens. This network of formal and informal partnerships continues to grow. Click here if you are interested in partnering with CPI!