Edmonton's Citizens' Panel on Energy and Climate Challenges

What is the Citizens’ Panel?

From October 13 to December 1, 2012, 56 diverse Edmontonians participated in a Citizens’ Panel to learn about climate change and energy vulnerability from balanced materials and presentations by experts. The Panelists worked together over six day-long sessions, and developed a final report with their recommendations for the City of Edmonton.

Panelists heard from City representatives, industry and university experts, and took part in facilitated exercises to help them find common ground. With the use of iClickers, Panelists were also able to respond to questions and show their preferences anonymously. The final report outlines all major recommendations of the Panel.

Watch the video on this innovative Citizen Process

Read the Citizens’ Panel recommendations for Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges.

Recruitment of Panelists

The City of Edmonton’s Office of Environment, Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD), and CPI carefully designed a recruitment process to ensure the Panel reflected the diversity of Edmonton. 56 demographically and attitudinally diverse Edmontonians were recruited and includes adults of all ages, income brackets, wards, and education levels. Citizens were also recruited for a range of attitudes about climate and energy-related issues. Information about overall panel composition is included in the final report.


The Way We Green, Edmonton’s environmental strategic plan, identifies climate change and energy supply as the two greatest risks to the city’s sustainability and resiliency. After City
Council approved The Way We Green in July 2011, City Administration began working with the Pembina Institute and HB Lanarc to develop possible strategies for addressing Edmonton’s major dependence on fossil fuels and rising community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The results of this work were released in June 2012 as Edmonton’s Energy Transition Discussion Paper. This Discussion Paper includes five policy levers found to have the greatest potential for reducing both Edmonton’s fossil fuel dependence and community GHG emissions: the provincial electricity grid, urban form and transit, heavy industry, buildings, and vehicles. It also recommends a slate of actions Edmonton should undertake to achieve the goals presented around climate change and energy supply in The Way We Green.

The goal of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges was to discover whether Edmontonians want the city to become low carbon, whether the Discussion Paper provides a good map for getting there, and how much citizens’ support there is for particular actions proposed in it.

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