Internet Voting Project

What is the Internet Voting Project?

The Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) will collaborate with the City of Edmonton in implementing an innovative and effective public involvement plan to increase the public’s knowledge of electronic voting processes, assess electoral readiness, and identify concerns and information needs about the adoption of this new technology.

Leading public involvement and citizen deliberation research will inform and guide the development and implementation of the public involvement plan. Knowledge or learning from previous Citizens Panels and deliberative citizen engagement will also be utilized. The Centre for Public Involvement will recruit a team of researchers and practitioners from the University of Alberta and nationally to develop a research program about online voting and to ensure that the development of materials for citizen involvement incorporates research in the field of online voting and e-democracy.
of Edmonton.

The public-involvement plan will include three components:

  • Citizen’s Jury for evidence-based citizen deliberation
  • Roundtable advisory meetings with stakeholders
  • Online public engagement to gather input and advice from the broader public

Watch the video on the Citizens Jury process

What is a Citizen Jury?

A Citizen’s Jury is a viable decision-making model, which promotes the direct involvement of citizens in decisions about strategic planning, policy development, or technology assessments. It is usually made up of 12- 24 jurors, who are randomly selected members of the general public. The jurors hear evidence and proposals from experts, review the information presented, question the expert witnesses and engage in deliberation, to make recommendations on the issue or problem under consideration. Unlike focus groups and surveys, this method of public engagement allows the participants to represent their views directly to policy-makers.

The idea behind Citizens juries is that given enough time and information, ordinary people can make decisions about complex policy issues. The citizens’ jury allows the participants to learn in depth about one or a number of issues relevant for the public.

Click here to view the Citizens Jury Program.

What are Citizens’ Roundtable Meetings?

The CPI will organize a series of up to 5 roundtable advisory meetings with stakeholders over a three month period (September – November 2012). Participants will be randomly selected to represent the views of Edmonton’s general public. The sessions will be facilitated by a moderator and process design will be completed by the Centre in collaboration with the City. The Roundtable meetings will include seniors, elected officials and organizations for citizens living with disabilities as these have been identified as key stakeholders, by the City of Edmonton and project team. This may also include a roundtable with elected officials.

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