Task Force on Community Sustainability Project

Overall objectives

  • Identifying, affirming, and recommending a small number of strategies that have the potential to support the Task Force’s objective.
  • Establishing and conveying the legitimacy and credibility of the Task Force on Community Sustainability – in particular the opportunity to highlight the role of meaningful public involvement in community sustainability initiatives.
  • Demonstrating the value of citizen input into public-involvement activities and the consequences of these activities for City Council decision-making.
  • Creating an opportunity for diverse citizens to work collaboratively to develop potential strategies to address the complex challenges of Edmonton communities.

What is the Task Force on Community Sustainability?

What is a Citizen Planning Circle?

The Citizen Planning Circle is a citizen process, based on concepts and techniques of Study circles. Study circles are designed to provide an environment for a small group of citizens to deliberate on a particular set of issues or strategies to address an
issue that is a high priority for them. Study circles are effective for deliberation about complex topics and typically involve citizens meeting multiple times in order to fully examine the questions that are the focus of the involvement process. Study circles originated in 19th century Sweden and are still used extensively as an important means of involving citizens, today. Study circles have also been utilized by a diversity of organizations and cities in the United States and Australia.

Post Information

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