Civic Spaces Pilot Project

The Centre for Public Involvement partnered with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition on a pilot project designed to support the civic and political engagement of immigrants and refugees in Edmonton.

The pilot project involves two components including a Civics 101 educational workshop that provide participants with the tools and opportunities to understand government in Canada on municipal, provincial and federal levels. This workshop is also designed to increase the knowledge of participants of all the ways to be involved civically including elections.

The second component of the project was an Open Space forum designed for participants to meet and dialogue with candidates who ran in the 2013 Edmonton General Election. Participants identified key issues for discussion and then also had the opportunity to have a conversation with others in their ward area.

CPI is hoping to continue and expand this project with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition, an Edmonton based non-profit.

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Posted on September 26, 2013 | Categorized in Projects.