Citizen Planning Circle Project

Citizen Planning Circle on Effective Use of Broadband Internet

The Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) is working with Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development (OICRD), Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD), and the Town of Olds on a Citizen Planning Circle to learn more about and inform future planning of rural broadband internet service.

What is a Citizen Planning Circle?

A Citizen Planning Circle is group of people who are purposely selected to be broadly representative of a community by age, gender, and/or other criteria. They are typically convened to inform an important community decision or aid in the development of a public policy or plan. A Planning Circle meets together to learn from each other and from experts about a particular topic. They learn, deliberate, and provide careful and informed insight to decision-makers in the form of recommendations detailed in a public report.


A special invitation has been mailed to 2,000 randomly selected households. Residents from households that received the invitation are encouraged to put their name forward for a chance to participate in the Citizen Planning Circle.
Deadline-March 19th

Read more about this project in the Olds Albertan:


Citizen Planning Circle in numbers…

  • 2,000 randomly selected households received invitations to take part
  • 24 Olds residents will be selected
  • 3 days of discussions and engagement
  • 1 final report based on citizens’ recommendations


Olds Albertan News article


Zane Hamm

Citizen Planning Circle Program Coordinator
(780) 492-5618

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