Imagining Cities: Selected Topics in Community Service Learning

#Imagining Cities

Imagining Cities: Theory and Practice of Civic Engagement
Community Service-Learning Program

Dates: May 9 to June 15, 2016

Location: University of Alberta North Campus

Course catalogue: Selected Topics in Community Service-Learning
CSL 370/560

Fostering healthy, resilient, inclusive and engaged communities requires the energy and commitment of students and community members as thinkers and ‘hands-on’ city builders. This 3-credit, six week course is developed in partnership between University of Alberta’s Community Service Learning (CSL) and the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) Faculty of Extension. CSL fosters and supports student engagement in the not-for-profit sphere and links academic study with community action and practice. CPI is a Centre of Excellence, founded through a partnership between the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta to advance research and practices of engagement.

In the course, participants will discuss core principles and theoretical foundations as they build knowledge and skills to enhance citizen engagement in the specific context of Alberta, 2016. How do we mobilize citizens to come together to engage in dialogue and deliberation about urgent issues like energy transition and poverty? What are the most urgent challenges facing our cities and the greatest opportunities for social change? Where and how do citizens have opportunities to participate in decision-making that impacts their lives?

Through immersive and interdisciplinary projects with local community partners, students will gain a deeper understanding of complex issues and relevant responses. Imagine being part of this unique opportunity to be active and engaged in bridging theory with the practice of civic engagement. Through collaboration and reflection, students will explore how citizens and cities are playing key roles in addressing complex issues, and how citizen participation is a foundation for change. We will explore topics such as foundations and principles of engagement and democracy, decision making, and innovations in civic engagement that are happening on a municipal level. Course delivery is a combination of lectures, practical community-based work and field study, discussion, and presentations from community organizations, students and project partners.

The Community Service-Learning component includes a 20 hour placement outside of the classroom. To maximize learning and collaboration in this compressed spring course, students should dedicate time and energy to complete the course and project. Interdisciplinary in nature, the course has no pre-requisites and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines.

Instructor – Dr. Zane Hamm
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