Edmonton's Citizens' Panel on Energy and Climate Challenges

The Way We Green, the City’s Strategic Environmental Plan (approved by City Council July 20, 2011), sets ambitious goals for energy transition and community greenhouse gas reduction. To achieve these ambitious goals, the City will draw on the expertise of citizens and stakeholders to develop the most effective implementation strategies and build broad community based support.

Overview of the 2012 Citizens Jury on Internet Voting

The Edmonton Citizens Jury on Internet Voting 2012 brought together 17 citizen participants who met for 20 hours on the weekend of 23 to 25 November 2012 to consider and provide a verdict on the following question on behalf of all citizens of Edmonton: “Should the City of Edmonton adopt Internet voting as an option for future general elections?”

The Report on Citizen Panel Process & Recommendations

This report summarizes the work of the Citizen Panel input into the City Wide Food and Agriculture Strategy. This document describes the process, the people, and communicates the participants passion for this important topic.

Citizen Planning Circle Summary Document

The members of the Citizen Planning Circle present to the Task Force on Sustainable Communities ten recommendations that they believe will contribute to the veracity, reliability and quality of the Task Force on Sustainable Communities’ final report to Edmonton City Council. This report documents the results of the Citizen Planning Circle’s collective work, and provides context within which it was achieved.